Jun 1, 2013

100 Zombies Level 53 54 55 56

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100 Zombies Level 53 Solution
Press the red button on the floor repeatedly, so that the buttons disappear and press the door to open.

100 Zombies Level 54 Guide
The puzzles are very easy at this level
Just press the door to escape from this room

100 Zombies Level 53 54 55 56 Guide

100 Zombies Level 53 54 55 56 Solution

100 Zombies Level 55 Solution
Pay attention to the instructions on the door with a red color.
Now press the button on the wall with the following sequence:
Top right, 2nd and 3rd left, lower right
And press 2 times to open the door.

100 Zombies Level 56 Answers

See the stars above, reads UP
Now pull the 2 square on the left and right of the door to the top, and hit the door 2 times to open the door
Now continue to the 100 Zombies Level 57 58 59 60 Solution

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